2018 Fast

Fasting is to abstain from food


1/8-1/21 6am-4pm

1/22-1/27 6am-6pm

1/28 will break fast during service


  • It will take diligence to go through the fast.
  • You must be earnest and serious about fasting.
  • Isaiah 58:6 – Fast that God chooses. Kind of fast that pleases Him.
  • Joel 2:13 – God wants our hearts


  • Prayer is essential while fasting.
    • Areas of focus to pray concerning:
    • Restoration in our nation, government, leadership
    • Wholeness to our families. How to help our loved ones.
    • Poor (hungry), homeless
    • Divine health/healing, restored years and health
    • Business ideas that will prosper
    • Breaking sinful habits and vices
  • Be sensitive to what the Spirit is saying to you
  • Every Sunday bring food for the Food Bank of VA
  • Drink plenty of water, can also drink juice and herbal tea while fasting
  • No sodas, alcohol and wine
  • No junk food or sweets
  • Eat fruits, vegetable and lean meats
  • Limit electronic devices unless absolutely necessary
  • Limit what you watch on TV and internet

In this message, Pastor Dawna provides guidance on the purpose of our 2018 fast and review the guidelines for the fast.

Sunday, January 8, 2018