About Us

Free Spirit Worship Church has existed since 1994. Under the direction of Pastor Dawna Gray, we consider ourselves to be aninviting, family-friendly church that welcomes everyone to come and learn more about the power of Christ to transform the lives of people throughout the world.



Free Spirit Worship Church exists to give directions to the believer so the believer can become more aware of his/her function in the body of Christ (THE CHURCH). The church is a ground where believers can be taught to reach a greater level of commitment and growth for the production of the Kingdom of God. The church should represent God in the earth by producing Christ-like individuals who express the God kind of life (ZOE), which shows zeal, excitement and God-driven purpose that in return will cut the roots of stagnancy and complacency in the believers’ life, which in return will also bring growth to the local church (FREE SPIRIT CHURCH).

We the church of Jesus Christ seek to build a generation of believers from all races, cultures and backgrounds by teaching them the life-changing principles of Jesus our Lord. When this process is followed through it will affect families, homes, jobs, communities and cities throughout the world; and this, in return will bring glory to God our Father.

Scriptural basis: Deut 6:38; Matt 10:6, 16:15-18; 18:11-14; 28:18; Luke 15:1-7; John 10:12; John 17:15-19; Acts 2; 1 Cor 6:14-20 2 Cor 6:14; 1 Thess 5:22-23; the whole book of Ephesians


We practice acting out God’s Word by showing and living the Word of God in our everyday lives. We know that just speaking without action doesn’t make for a good example of Jesus Christ.

We display these values by:

  • Loving people;
  • Forgiving and willingly pardoning no matter what the situation consists of;
  • Being kind and putting others before ourselves;
  • Taking the time to build relationships and show that we care;
  • Being faithful and loyal to our Pastor and Church.